Southern Hospitality is proud to premiere the latest milestone in Beat King’s gangsta stripper music crusade: the ‘Twerk It 4 Vine’ mixtape.

It’s been less than two weeks since Houston rapper, producer and gangsta stripper music champion Beat King released his latest magnum opus Gangsta Stripper Music, and yet, understanding fully the world’s recent penchant for twerking via social media, he bestows upon us the ‘Twerk It 4 Vine’ mixtape, an immensely self-explanatory collection of twerk-centric club anthems and freestyles for the pole-worshipping nation.

And while we wouldn’t recommend taking him up on his $5,000 offer to be the first person to stop traffic on a freeway and shoot a twerk video, we do wholeheartedly support his unabashedly straightforward approach to making some of the most visceral club rap in existence.

Stream below via Soundcloud and download the whole mixtape here or here.