Droop-E is the Boy/Bay Genius no doubt. I guess being the son of E-40, he had little choice but to be an uncompromising, creative, forward thinking original. But seriously, who else has produced so many trunk-rattling, dreadlock shaking, stupid doo-doo-dumb records as Earl Stevens Jnr. whilst still in their teens? Who else could flip a Bjork sample (cleared by her goddamn self no less) in such an insane manner, and still keep that Bay Area slap? Droop-E has already etched himself indelibly into Bay Area and hip-hop music’s history, yet he still remains defiantly the future.

So, much like my Rick Rock, Mr. Lee mix and others, this is my dedication to one of the most exhilarating, avant-garde and  hardcore producers out there…as always mixed all the way live from SM5. Now a man, Droop-E is seemingly, and quite incredibly only hitting his stride, if his mind-blowing work on his dad’s recent ‘Revenue Retrievin’ albums are anything to go by. As I always say I coulda EASILY done more than one volume of this mix (hence the Vol.1), but with this I’ve just tried to include a range of his tracks, both in tempo (I coulda just done a 100-110bpm mix without even thinking and it woulda been ill) and age, to provide a snapshot of someone who has constantly reminded me over the last 6 or 7 years, why I love this damn music! As expected then, you have Earl Snr. in his guiding cameo role featured heavily throughout the mix along with the awesome Sick-Wid-It new-wave like Turf Talk, Cousin Fik, The Mossie, his sparring partner B-Slimm etc. as well as Bay legends like B-Legit, Too Short, San Quinn and Mike Marshall, to name just a few. Taken from a mixture of classic West Coast albums like ‘West Coast Vaccine’, ‘Disobayish’, ‘Da Bidness’ etc., some random joints by perhaps lesser known artists, and of course the definitive Sick-Wid-It compilations, I hope you get more than a taste of Droop-E’s magic, whether he’s producing high-octane Hyphy jams like ‘Go Ignant’, or musical, reflective odes to the trials of life like ‘Gotta Get Betta’.  I even squeezed in one of his tracks that samples Sade, a true favourite of both mine and the man himself.

Basically he can do it all. So hit download and enjoy more than a little sample from one of the most exciting producers in the game. Like I already said, he’s just getting started…

Droop-E – The Bay Genius Vol. 1

Mixed Live From SM5 By Rob Pursey

  1. Sav Out – Turf Talk feat. Ya Boy and Bailey
  2. Where My Neighbourhood – Cousin Fik, K.D. Stunts, E-40
  3. Real Hood – Hot feat. Turf Talk
  4. Money Ain’t Trippin – Laroo, E-40
  5. Don’t Let The Glasses Fool You – Droop-E & B-Slimm
  6. Bloow – DBz feat. Droop-E & B-Slimm
  7. Spend The Night – E-40 feat. Laroo, The DBz, Droop-E & B-Slimm
  8. Shown Out – E-40, B-Legit, Laroo
  9. You Know – Dem Hoodstarz feat. Goldie Gold
  10. Broke Niggas – Turf Talk
  11. Ahhhh Shit – E-40
  12. Buffalo – Cousin Fik feat. E-40 and Rankin Skroo
  13. Get On My Hype (RMX) – Messy Marv feat. Bay All Stars
  14. Meet The Dealers (RMX)– Big Rich feat. Ya Boy, Bailey, YK and San Quinn
  15. Go Ignant – The Mossie feat. E-40 and Turf Talk
  16. Popos – Turf Talk feat. E-40
  17. Real Talk – Young Buddah
  18. Young Rich Kid – Sky Balla
  19. Can’t Nobody – Messy Marv feat. Too Short and Lucci
  20. Back In Effect – Money Gang
  21. Burdens Of His Youth – P.S.D., Keak Da Sneak and Messy Marv
  22. Gotta Get Betta – E-40 feat. Mike Marshall and Suga T
  23. Bonus: Pharmaceutical Outro – E-40


Massive props goes out to the SH Crew – DJ Superix as always on the super-fresh artwork and Davey Boy Smith on trackmarking for your listening pleasure.