Baton Rouge’s Kevin Gates isn’t just our favourite artist of the moment. He’s someone we genuinely see as being the next sustainably huge rapper.

A deified local legend in his home state of Louisiana, Gates has released music for several years now, and yet the story has really only just begun.

Not long after a scene-stealing performance on Pusha T’s ‘Trust You’ ensured he prodded the wider rap consciousness, Gates’s impassioned writing and sticky melodies hit career highs on critically adored mixtape The Luca Brasi Story and subsequent pared down and remastered EP of the same name.

There are just so many captivating moments across Kevin’s catalogue we couldn’t hope to include them all. But in the spirit of attempting to tell the story so far, Southern Hospitality is proud to present ‘Everybody’s Sworn Favourite’, a collection of our favourite Kevin Gates songs – mixed and compiled by Rob Pursey, Davey Boy Smith and DJ Superix.

You can stream the mix on Soundcloud and download a trackmarked version right here. We truly hope you enjoy.