Okay…so this is just a taste of what goes down at Southern Hospitality Presents: Hip Hop Karaoke EVERY damn week at The Social. You walk down those stairs in that unsuspecting Central London location and you’re hit with this!

Not only are the Southern Hospitality DJs tearing it up and at one of the best parties in town, but YOU are providing the hypeness by getting on the stage and rockin your favourite hip-hop jam. As you can see from the videos above (all taken from this year) we get EVERYTHING on a Thurs. night from the latest records to bonafide hip-hop classics to UKG anthems to even some afrobeat – and of course hella Rap N Bullshit. It really gets no better.

Fortunately the man, the legend, Dancefloor General J Bo Tapes is on hand to capture most of the madness that goes down. Plus if you think we’ve just handpicked some hype ones – go check out hella more at his YouTube channel. Seriously, it goes down like this every single Thursday – ask around.

If you live in London/are going to London – make sure you come to HHK….