This month PLAYERS BALL turns one year old!

Firstly we’ve got to extend a HUGE thank you to you, our crowd, for making every single event a roadblock and even more crunk, buck and wild than we’d even dared to hope.

To celebrate this special party reaching its 1st Birthday we are turning to you to tell us what particular songs define the Players Ball event for YOU.

We will take in all your selections and the most popular 20 will be compiled into one easy free download in order to jam before any PB or Southern Hospitality to get you suitably amped!

So whether its club destroyers like ‘Racks’ or ‘Hard In The Paint’ or something from the ‘Players Ball Anthems’ mixtapes or just that one record that is the personal highlight of your night – let us know on HERE!

‘Players Ball Anthems Crowd Favourites 2011’ will be an epic snapshot of the year at our parties, from the people who attend them aka YOU.

Lets go!


– Rob