Southern Hospitality is proud to present the first edition in a new compilation series where Davey Boy Smith will be making his artist picks for the next six to 12 months.

Spanning the Bay Area, LA, Detroit and Dallas, 'Crystal Ballin Volume One' features new music from one quarter of the Diligentz and the man with the most infectious song in history, Aka Frank with his bid to end world racism, followed swiftly by HBK Gang's IAMSU! and C.F.O.P. x $hmop Life fam Loverance, Skipper and Kool John's bass-heavy '$waggin'. Then we move on to frat boy swagaholics Starting Six, plus a solo track from Six member Young Fess and then a lo-fi burner from man genius Speak! and boy genius slash movement in his own right Spaceghostpurrp. We then introduce you to Lousy Human Bastards member Frankenstein before hitting the Dallas club scene with Lil Tony and the refreshingly youthful Yung Nation. A hot one from Pries plus a genuine modern classic from SH alumni The Jealous Guys then cap things off.

We hope you love these songs as much as we do, and urge you to keep your eyes and ears locked to whatever these young artists are about to release, because they are all set for great things. Look out for 'Crystal Ballin Volume Two' coming sooner than you think. Enjoy.

Download: Southern Hospitality Presents: 'Crystal Ballin Volume One' By Davey Boy Smith