Photo credit: Clout Magazine / Artwork by Davey Boy Smith

Whether we're roadtripping up and down the country in the Southern Hospitality convoy for Hip Hop Karaoke's yearly festival onslaught or cruising the city from club to club, one thing you can count on is that we'll be whooping, high-tenning, chanting #USA and beer-chugging like motherfuckin frat boys.

In that spirit and to celebrate US Independence Day, we've compiled 20 of the most wide-eyed, broad-shouldered frat boy swag anthems to mark the eighth ever Players Ball party. And with only five days to go may we suggest you play this non-stop until your only form of expression is a high ten or Ric Flair-style 'Wooooooo'. Get involved!

Download: Southern Hospitality Presents: 'Players Ball Anthems 8: Frat Boy Swag' (Mixtape)

RSVP: Southern Hospitality Presents: Players Ball 8 @ The CAMP – Saturday 9th July / 9pm-4am FREE ENTRY