Okay…let’s get one thing clear, K**O has dropped the bomb with this one! You already know how much the SH crew loves New Jack Swing, or ‘Nuevo Jack’ as our Barca homies put it (due to Superix classic Teddy Riley joint), so with K**O zoning in on the key Swing years, we now have a new favourite mixtape.   I mean look at that damn tracklisting! That’s pretty near definitive right there, with some personal faves thrown in for good measure like ‘Dial My Heart’ and ‘Girl I Got My Eyes On You’…too many good memories. From about three tracks in I was breaking out moves that my aging body was begging me to resist! The Desparrame/Plat Du Jour crews are hella on it over in beautiful Barcelona and this edition of ARKcast proves that all the way. Here’s the background from K**O…

“This mixtape is a tribute to the unique New Jack Swing era between 1987 and the mid-1990’s that paved the way to r&b as we know it today, combining the vocal harmonies of soul with the rhythms of hip hop.

Teddy Riley can be credited with inventing and popularizing the formula, eventually co-producing Michael Jackson’s “Dangerous” which was heavily influenced by the New Jack style. However, other gifted producers like Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and LA & Babyface slipped just as many jams into the top of the charts.

These were the years of hi-top fades, baggy pants and the running man. In the 21st century we might be starting to forget about Guy or Bobby Brown, but anyone who listens to the mix will realize these productions were way ahead of their time, and the amount of hits produced was truly prolific. Viva el Nuevo Jack!”

01. Guy “I Like” [Prod. Teddy Riley & Gene Griffin] (MCA, 1988)
02. Keith Sweat “I Want Her” [Prod. Teddy Riley & Keith Sweat] (Elektra, 1987)
03. Johnny Kemp “Just Got Paid” [Prod. Teddy Riley & Johnny Kemp] (Columbia, 1988)
04. Bell Biv Devoe “Poison” [Prod. Dr. Freeze] (MCA, 1990)
05. Janet Jackson “State Of The World” [Prod. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis] (A&M, 1989)
06. Mac Band “Roses Are Red” [Prod. L.A. & Babyface] (MCA, 1988)
07. Heavy D. & The Boyz “Is It Good To You” [Prod. Teddy Riley] (MCA, 1991)
08. Color Me Badd “I Wanna Sex You Up” [Prod. Dr. Freeze] (Giant, 1991)
09. Al B. Sure! “Off On Your Own (Girl)” [Prod. Kyle West & Al B. Sure!] (Warner Bros., 1988)
10. New Edition “You´re Not My Kind Of Girl” [Prod. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis] (MCA, 1988)
11. R.Kelly And Public Announcement “Slow Dance” [Prod. R.Kelly] (Jive, 1991)
12. Bobby Brown “Rock Wit´cha” [Prod. L.A. & Babyface] (MCA, 1988)
13. Troop “I Will Always Love You” [Joyce “Fenderella” Irby & Dallas Austin] (Atlantic, 1989)
14. Hi-Five “I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)” [Prod. Teddy Riley] (Jive, 1991)
15. The Boys “Dial My Heart” [Prod. L.A. & Babyface] (Motown, 1988)
16. After 7 “Heat Of The Moment” [Prod. L.A. & Babyface] (Virgin, 1989)
17. Johnny Gill “Rub You The Right Way” [Prod. Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis] (Motown, 1990)
18. Abstrac´ “You´re My Kind Of Guy” [Prod. Markell Riley & Gene Griffin] (Reprise, 1989)
19. Today “Girl I Got My Eyes On You” [Prod. Teddy Riley & Gene Griffin] (Motown, 1988)
20. Déjà “Made To Be Together” [Prod. Teddy Riley & Gene Griffin] (10 Records, 1989)
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Okay all that leaves me with to say is, good look against Stuttgart tonight Barca (not that you need it!) and of course…
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Oh…whilst we’re in a New Jack State Of Mind…why not come party with us as we edge things forward a few years with some classic 90s RnB @ Plan B, Brixton this Friday! Myself and Superix will be running through classic after classic from the likes of Jodeci, Mary J. Blige, Blackstreet, SWV and the rest! Gonna be a hot one…
Finally…props to all lovers of great Soul and RnB music around the world!