Our homies Walkmaster Flex and Soft Money over at the excellent Space Age Hustle blog have joined the dots between the new wave of lo-fi bedroom studio cloud rappers, based deities and Alabama time travellers. And the result is pretty astounding. Major props to all involved, not least Gucci Jade La Fleur for the masterful cover. Here’s what they had to say about the project:

“Make no mistake: “cloud rap” is not the newest sub-sub-sub-genre of rap music we’re tying to forcefully bring to life. Instead, “cloud rap” is more of a thematic movement: not all rappers make cloud rap, and not all rappers that make cloud rap make it exclusively. However, in 2010, we’ve seen a lot of new artists singularly focused on stepping outside of rap’s comfort zone and doing what they want with beats and lyrics. While Lil B’s rising #based movement and Outkast’s otherworldly personalities make them both patron saints of the style, new artists like Main Attrakionz and G-Side have added their own flavors to the mix (lo-fi sensibilities and trance-like synths, respectively). It’s not just production-wise, either. Consider the way Main Attrakionz flip “O Let’s Do It” on “I’m Back on Deck”, or the screwed-up remix of Wiz Khalifa’s “Up” from Odd Future. These guys bless the track with their own unique visions to create a sound all their own.”

01. Lil B- B.O.R. (Birth of Rap) (prod. by Tre G)
02. Lil B- I’m God (prod. by Clams Casino)
03. Main Attrakionz- Legion of Doom (prod. by Squadda B)
04. Main Attrakionz- Rewind (Priceless) (prod. by Squadda B)
05. G-Side- Back 2 the Future (prod. by R. Dot)
06. Inkrowd- Southern Funk (prod. by Inkrowd)
07. Havoc- Always Have a Choice (prod. by Clams Casino)
08. Main Attrakionz- I’m Back On Deck (prod. by Squadda B)
09. MondreM.A.N.- A Man’s Life (prod. by Squadda B)
10. Main Attrakionz- New World (prod. by Squadda B)
11. Main Attrakionz- Still the Legion (prod. by Squadda B)
12. G-Side ft. Chris Lee- Money in the Sky (prod. by Basmo Beats)
13. Lowe ft. Clova- Flinstones (prod. by Rod “JR” Lumpkin)
14. G-Side ft. Jhi-Ali and Geographer- Impossible (prod. by Block Beattaz)
15. Squadda B- MP3 Racked Up (prod. by Squadda B)
16. Odd Future- Up (Screwed and Chopped by Mike G)