Southern Hospitality is proud to present the footage from ATL’s finest Speakerfoxxx’s performance at our recent Just Jam session.

When legendary London music institution Just Jam graciously invited Southern Hospitality to host a live broadcast at their studios in August we had to honour the opportunity with an equally legendary lineup.

Thankfully our good friend and extended family member, Atlanta’s own DJ Speakerfoxxx was touring Europe at the time, and before playing our Players Ball party that weekend, had time to come through and bless our Just Jam session with a typically hype rap set, alongside Southern Hospitality DJs Rob Pursey and Superix.

You can watch Speakerfoxxx’s whole set right now, and watch out for Superix and Rob’s performances from the same session coming sooner than you think.

Shoutout Tim & Barry and the whole Don’t Watch That TV family.