With the abundance of critically acclaimed music radiating out of Huntsville and into towns across the US, UK, Norway, France, Japan and beyond over the past few years, it’s easy to miss some real gems from the Rocket City.

One such example from one half of hip-hop’s most sought-after duo was a song that turned out to be one of the most epic tracks from G-Side‘s frankly incredible live show on the Oslo date of their Nordic tour. When ST bowled on-stage to the call of his rap other half Yung Clova and a beckoning crowd, DJ Dirrty dropped the beat, spines tingled, hair was raised and it was quite simply over.

UK producer, musician and Southern Hospitality extended fam member Jepordise (who just laid down something huge with one of ATL’s dopest young talents at his London studio… more on that to come) provided the track, ST murdered it and the rest is history. For an inside insight into G-Side’s journey so far, reading this recap from Slow Motion Soundz guiding light Codie G is an absolute must.

ST 2 Lettaz – ‘Alabama Kush’ (Produced by Jepordise) (Alternate link: Mediafire)
[audio:ST_-_Alabama_Kush_www.southernhospitality.co.uk.mp3|titles=Alabama Kush|artists=ST 2 Lettaz]