We hold Bentley’s poignant last verse on G-Side’s In The Rain in such high regard for so many reasons. His voice takes on a texture of vulnerability as he speaks about the false perceptions cast on him by quick to judge teachers, opens up about the paranoia that engulfs him as he carries his weapon and closes by revealing the few words his father ever spoke to him. Heavy stuff delivered lightly. Your heart almost breaks. But bigging up Bentley’s verse is by no means diminishing the equally heart-string strumming stories that ST and Clova deliver.

When Clova, who is sounding more and more Kanye epic with each bar post-Huntsville International, begs “Father, somebody please help. I’m on my knees every night but all I see is death. No help, mama was the only parent. Yeah I’m aiming for my goals but they transparent“, the world turns that bit slower. And ST’s impassioned, scattered flashback of his childhood, punctuated with simple but weighty stamps of “Loyalty, modesty, honesty” combines to pretty much sum up the emotional investment G-Side and Slow Motion Soundz affiliates put into their music.

So when ST takes something of a vacation, indulging in his love for weed in rolling papers (not cigarillos) as on this solo junt produced by¬†Arkitek – who flips Linval Thompson’s ‘I Love Marijuana’ – we share in the escapism, feel the relief, and exhale the pain away with him.

This video premiered on DGB.