As Grit Grammar rightly pointed out in the comments section of part one of the Still Hypnotizing Minds… thread, there were a few key Prophet Posse artists that didn’t get a mention: Scan Man, MC Mack, K-Rock and M-Child.

MC Mack

Here are a few audio treats, old and new, from four artists that helped form that hardcore Memphis sound, whether through Scan Man’s demonic tomes, MC Mack’s hunt for some KFC (killa fie capp), K-Rock’s machine-gun twisting and M-Child’s murderous Orange Mound sound – all of whom will hopefully be releasing new material in 2009 whether under the New Prophet Posse umbrella or solo and 666,000 miles underground. Enjoy!

The Kaze (Scan Man, MC Mack & Project Pat) – ‘Crackin Jaws’ from The Kaze – ‘Kamakazie Timez Up’

[audio:The_Kaze-Crackin_Jaws.mp3|titles=Crackin Jaws|artists=The Kaze]

Three 6 Mafia (Killa Klan Kaze) *before Project Pat replaced K-Rock in the group – check Rock’s insane twisting on verse one!* – ‘Be A Witness’ from Three 6 Mafia ‘Live By Yo Rep (Bone Dis) EP’

[audio:Three_6_Mafia-Be_A_Witness.mp3|titles=Be A Witness|artists=Killa Klan Kaze]

Prophet Posse (T-Rock & M-Child) – ‘Catch A Blast’ from Prophet Posse – ‘Body Parts’

[audio:Prophet_Posse-Catch_A_Blast(T-Rock_M-Child).mp3|titles=Catch A Blast|artists=Prophet Posse]

Prophet Posse (Pastor Troy, Nick Scarfo, Scan Man, K-Rock & Indo G) – ‘Break The Rules’ from Prophet Posse – ‘Hood U.S.A’

[audio:Prophet_Posse-Break_The_Rules_(feat_Pastor_Troy_Scarfo_Scan_Man_K-Rock_Indo_G).mp3|titles=Break The Rules|artists=Prophet Posse]