Apart from Playa Fly’s infectiously warm gangsta monotone, former members of Triple Six Mafia, Prophet Posse and even more recent core Three 6 Mafia artists have struggled to find their sound after the historically demonic, now Oscar-assured productions of Super Producers DJ Paul and Juicy J.

Tha New Prophet Posse

Recently though, due partly to the reforming of the (New) Prophet Posse (sans Paul and Juice) by Memphis industry heavyweight Nick Scarfo, ex-Hypnotize Camp Posse members have consolidated around what made them so neck-crackingly special in the first place as their former patrons work the mainstream.

Here’s a break down:

Cunnilingus enthusiast and undisputed queen of filthmongery La Chat left the fold in search of any kind of pay cheque, hooking up with “Kinfolk” Kia Shine and taking a few albums to finally find her stride with last year’s excellent ‘Da Hood Homegirl (Da Album)’ LP.

Gangsta Boo was always going to find it hard to top ‘Both Worlds: Star 69’, thanks to insane posse cut ‘M-Town Representatives’ and the definitive strip club revolutionary song ‘Can I Get Paid (Get Your Broke Ass Out) (Da Strippers’ Anthem)’, but considering she put on Drumma Boi (pun simply unavoidable), we should expect some top-tier bangers in ’09 when her long-awaited ‘Forever Gangsta’ album finally drops.

T-Rock has ostensibly let go of his incredibly entertaining grudge (‘Mr Big Man’ a seriously revelatory diss song that’s almost as satisfying as Kingpin Skinny Pimp’s ‘Lil Arm Dance’ – no prizes for pointing out who this one’s about!) and has built on his fire-spitting post-HCP catalogue with the recent ‘Da Kush’ LP and side-projects like this week’s ‘T-Rock Presents Mossberg – Hell On Earth Chapter 1’ (featuring a tongue-twisting Rock on ‘Easy’) and ‘The Burning Book: War Wounds’ coming soon. Definitely one underground rapper to watch out for.

Playa Fl-iz-y hasn’t delivered on his promise of a ‘Mafia All Day’ album just yet, but then that wouldn’t be hip-hop. Teaser tracks like ‘Horses’, ‘Moolah’ and the Gucci Mane and OJ Da Juice-featuring ‘Thirsty’, however, mean it will definitely be worth the wait! (Beginners: check the perplexingly titled but straight dope ‘Universal Heartthrob’ and perhaps the longest posse cut in recorded history on ‘Damn What A N***a Say’).

Gangsta Blac, perhaps because he unaffiliated himself early, is a legend in his own right, as is Skinny Pimp (whose recent Street Mix Vol.1 was almost too good). Both hooked up in 2002 with ‘The Mayor and the Pimp’ and each will hopefully drop some new shit this year. ‘Street Mix Vol.2’ is on the cards so check for that in the next month or so.

Demonic gangsta melodian Koopsta Knicca (whose classic ‘Da Devil’s Playground’ still send shivers down the spine and back up again to this day!) – in between mind-bending Fox News appearances – dropped some solid underground albums, and is back on form with the aforementioned Prophet Posse on cuts like ‘The Airport’ from the crew’s ‘The Return Vol.1’. And don’t forget to look up the Posse’s ‘The Return Vol. 2’ and ‘Hood U.S.A’ albums as well for the talents of Kelo (‘Choppin Blades’) and others.

Lord Infamous

Now, for most hardcore Three-6-aholics’ favorite ex-member (drug addiction and multiple suicide attempt survivor) Lord Infamous, it’s been a rocky road to say the least. But after leaving T6M to get dry and make music more to his inner-demon and actual demon-embracing liking, he’s back to form with last year’s ‘The Man, The Myth, The Legacy’ (including highlight ‘Yeah I’m Wit It’) and last month’s potent ‘Tha Club House Click – After Sics’ group album (which contains the ruthlessly misognistic ‘Uuugghh’) really hitting the spot. More please Mr Scarecrow!

It goes without saying that Paul and Juice’s Academy Award®-winning bad selves haven’t missed a step either. And if the MTV-ready cuts are too inoffensive for dat azz (seriously though, how can anyone front on junts like ‘Side 2 Side’, ‘Poppin’ My Collar’ and ‘Doe Boy Fresh’?), they’ve kept their harder-core grind on overdrive with artists like Chrome (see ‘I Learned’, featured quite prominently on our very own ‘Turn Up The Bump Vol.1’ mix ), Lil Wyte, Frayser Boy and, most contemporaneously, Yung D, bringing in that independent money.

Project Pat’s also been bringing the heat lately with OJ Da Juice Man collabo ‘Keep It Hood’ tearing up airwaves and bandwidth thanks to a dope O’Jays sample flip.

Needless to say, those craving a Three-Six-a-fix are grinning inanely these days, and so they should. Yean know? Now you know!

La Chat – On Da Block (from Da Hood Homegirl – Da Album)

[audio:La_Chat-On_Da_Block.mp3|titles=On Da Block|artists=La Chat]

T-Rock – Easy (from T-Rock Presents Mossberg – Hell On Earth Chapter 1)


Lord Infamous – Yeah I’m Wit It (from The Man, The Myth, The Legacy)

[audio:Lord_Infamous-Yeah_Im_Wit_It.mp3|titles=Yeah I’m Wit It|artists=Lord Infamous]

Lord Infamous, II Tone & Mac Montese – Uuugghh (from Lord Infamous Presents Tha Club House Click – After Sics)

[audio:Lord_Infamous_II_Tone_Mac_Montese-Uuugghh.mp3|titles=Uuugghh|artists=Lord Infamous, II Tone & Mac Montese]