Now that Huntsville has officially gone international, with critical acclaim far beyond the English-speaking world from Continental Europe to the Nordic region on the back of G-Side and Slow Motion Soundz’ desert island to Mars exploration music, artists like Swagzilla, whose wondrous slice of drop-top riding summer breeze Wut 2 Day Iz? (produced by modern day musical deity CP of the Block Beattaz and featuring Staccamil) has been in constant rotation for the past few months, now have the path laid for them to follow suit. The standard has been set.

Southern Hospitality has gained exclusive access to the the ‘Wut 2 Day Iz (Lost Tape)’, which has been on constant rotation since it reached us. And we’re sure you’ll agree, the world is a better place having found this Bama banger!

Swagzilla ft. Staccamil – ‘Wut 2 Day Iz? (Lost Tape)’
[audio:Swagzilla Ft. Staccamil-Wut 2 Day Iz-Lost|titles=Wut 2 Day Iz? (Lost Tape)|artists=Swagzilla ft. Staccamil]

Next up on the scene is this junt from Willie Wonka featuring Zilla and Cokaleaf, which is fresh out the studio and dope as hell! Enjoy!

Willie Wonka ft. Swagzilla & Cokaleaf – ‘Turn It Up A Notch’
[audio:Wonka ft. Swagzilla & Cokaleaf – Turn It Up A|titles=Turn It Up A Notch|artists=Willie Wonka ft. Swagzilla & Cokaleaf]

Photo credit: 30 Pack.