Bei Maejor


Southern Hospitality – Albums of 2012

With 2012 almost done, we can genuinely say that not only has the year been great for Southern Hospitality, but also the new music has been on a level that we fully appreciate! There been some bonafide 'album moments' and there's been an almost weekly stream of releases that seem intent on showing us the future right here and now. These personal lists from myself, Davey Boy Smith and Superix are quite simply the albums that have impacted each of us the most, those we've wanted to shout about and most crucially those we have just played the most. - Rob
Bei Maejor – ‘Pillz’ Video

Bei Maejor – ‘Pillz’ (Video)

We know it. The industry knows it. Bei Maejor just has it. 'Upscale' is one of the releases of the year and his major production credits are multiplyi...
Bei Maejor – ‘The Truth’ Video

Bei Maejor – ‘The Truth’ (Video)

Bei Maejor's upscale sound is one of the most exciting developments for 2012, and with the 'Trouble (Remix)' still keeping one of last years most ...