Kevin Gates – ‘Strokin’ (Video)

Kevin Gates – ‘Strokin’ (Video)

http://youtu.be/5p9QqqvfEf8 Baton Rouge's rising old soul Kevin Gates (whose career so far we chronicled on the Everybody's Sworn Favourite mixtape) is so, s...
Kevin Gates – ’4:30 AM’ (Video)

Kevin Gates – ‘4:30 AM’ (Video)

http://youtu.be/tqZr8bZ2sp4 We don't quite know how he does it but we do pray that he keeps on doing it. Unsurprisingly, '4:30 AM', like any and every new Ke...

suicideyear – ‘Finale’ (Preview)

Brodinski, the man we cited as being perhaps suicideyear's most prominent supporter when we premiered his Japan mixtape earlier this month, has just unveile...