This video from Cesar aka Lil Cease, son of Hata Proof Records‘ Cesar Lozano aka C-Natra aka Big Cease, is entirely self-produced – from the lyrics to the beat to the video shooting and editing. It is truly inspiring to see an 11-year-old put the product of his creativity out there for people to judge – I mean, seriously, what were we all doing at that age?! But it’s no surprise when you look at what greatness his father has been involved with in the past.

This video, highlighted by us previously, features the late great Big HAWK, as well as Big Cease himself and the aforementioned Lil Cease both on the decks and backing his father up in the group shots. RIP HAWK and much love to both Cesars.

The below video – C-Natra & Mr. Nava ft. Dharius & Rowan Rabia of Cartel De Santa – ‘Si Somos Callejeros’ – really needs no further explanation. It’s in Spanish and it’s fuckin dope!