In celebration of Huntsvegas HumpDay, a pivotal moment in the history of Huntsville hip-hop – with the online debut of Jimmy Heart’s ‘The Heartbeat’ show, the world premiere of the video for Jackie Chain’s amazing single Diamonds & Cadillacs and the release of the first single off of the soon-coming ‘Huntsville International’ street album, G-Side’s ‘College Chick’ – Southern Hospitality presents to you another chance to cop Rob Breezy’s momentous Huntsville Alabama Mix Part 1 mixtape.

Momentous because he concocted it late at night while waiting for his beautiful baby daughter, Martha, to be born, at a time when he was the only one who knew about Slow Motion Soundz and Paper Route artists and was schooling the rest of us! And also momentous because it is as definitive a mix as we’ve ever heard of (relatively) early Huntsvegas music.

Shouts to Codie G, ST 2 Lettaz, Yung Clova, Kristmas, Ashley, Burn One @ BLVDST, JDirrt @ Ballers Eve, KDough @ Traps N Trunks, the DGB boys and anyone we’ve forgot, for pushing some of the most innovative and just straight up dope music out.

Southern Hospitality Presents:
‘The Huntsville Alabama mix – Part 1’
Mixed By Rob Breezy

01. ‘Bama Gettin’ Money’ – Paper Route Gangstaz
02. ‘Big Bodies Big Wheels’ – Slow Motion Soundz
03. ‘Soul Glo’ – Hood Headlinerz feat. Lil St. Louis
04. ‘Bubble Or Box’ – Chico, Dawgy Baggz, Technique,
Jhi Ali, Big P.O.P.E. & D. Hewitt
05. ‘Natural’ – Slow Motion Soundz
06. ‘Naturals II’ – Slow Motion Soundz
07. ‘Wood Grain’ – Paper Route Gangstaz
08. ‘Rollin’ – Jackie Chain & Jhi Ali
09. ‘All Gets Old’ – Jhi Ali
10. ‘Grind Baby’ – X.O. feat. CeeCee
11. ‘Ice Kisses’ – G-Side feat. Adrienne
12. ‘Lacs and Prices (RMX)’ -Slow Motion Soundz feat. T.I.
13. ‘Blinded By The Light’ – Jackie Chain
14. ‘The Streets’ – Mata
15. ‘Do My Thing’ – G-Side
16. ‘Alabama’ – Jhi Ali
17. ‘Bama Gettin’ Money (Diplo RMX)’ – Paper Route Gangstaz

Download the mix in full here
Download the mix trackmarked here