Even before the music starts on San Francisco duo The Jealous Guys' debut EP, you're nothing short of mesmerised by the cover art, which conveys their thoughtful, evocative music so tastefully. Once the sounds commence, here provided entirely by Jeremy Rose aka Zodiac aka the producer of some of the best Weeknd songs from the best Weeknd album, you're left in no doubt that these guys both have nothing to be jealous about and are without question one of the best prospects the Bay Area has had to make it on a national and international scale since Oakland's very own Kreayshawn.

As on the Southern Hospitality released, Lunice produced Bus Stop Jazz, Ayinde and Casa do so much more than just rap over the beat they're provided with. They create a vibe and bond with the music that produces music and chemistry on the level of any legendary rap duo you might care to mention. And the scary thing is, we know for a fact that this only demonstrates a fraction of their potential and yet it's one of the best releases in a very strong year. Enjoy.

Via The Fader.