It’s official.

San Francisco duo The Jealous Guys are two of the most compelling things to happen to Bay Area hip-hop since last year’s dominance of Roach Gigz and Young Gully, who pushed our post-hyphy hyphy buttons and genuinely plucked our heart strings with the excellent Roachy Balboa and The Grant Station Project, respectively.

Ayinde and Casal are doing everything right and they’ve really only just begun. We were blown away by their overlooked debut video The Ballad, the perfectly-executed, first love-themed song from their upcoming ‘The Love Mixtape’, which drops on Valentine’s Day.

Then they paired up with Montreal’s hottest producer in the first of our collaborations with Lunice on the acclaimed, golden-era revivalist, but perfectly current Bus Stop Jazz – official video coming very (very) soon.

And now, those Jealous Guys have teamed up with Southern Hospitality extended family Solomon & Finder, one of the most exciting unsigned acts in the UK, for the gripping ‘Love You So’: where it’s Ayinde and Casal on the vocals, Solomon on the hook and Finder on the track.

The other crucial point to note here is Chasen Paper of 24MilkCrate‘s emergence as a Bay Area filmmaker to be reckoned with. If he keeps up the pace and quality of his last few videos, we could be looking at another Aris Jerome or Damon Jamal.

Basically, watch this space, enjoy this video and grab the audio right here.