One of these days, probably around August 24th when based boy supergroup The Pack drop their ‘Wolfpack Party’ LP, the world will understand more fully what a force Young L, Lil B, Stunnaman and Lil Uno are both together and individually. As per usual, Young L masters the art of battering ears with bass and we stay wondering what a European bass music collaboration would sound like (L-E-N x Magnetic Man anyone?). And as per usual this album opener will stay in the deck until the good people at SMC hit us with another one. Full album tracklist right here:

1. Hella Bass III
2. Wolfpack Party
3. Dance Floor
4. Red Light
5. Sex On The Beach (Feat. Dev)
6. Super Man
7. Bend That Corner
8. Drunk Off Money
9. ET
10. Aye!
11. Front Back
12. Make Me Cum
13. One U Need
14. Stuntin’ When I Roll Up
15. Booty Bounce (Feat. Mistah F.A.B., B-Lo & Sleepy D)
16. Worried Bout Mine
17. Based Boy
18. 80’s Baby
19. Titties

The Pack – ‘Hella Bass III’ (Prod. By Young L)
[audio:01 Hella Bass Remix III.mp3|titles=Hella Bass III|artists=The Pack]