This is the start of something. As you can see, this is the first instalment in a brand new series of mixes that Southern Hospitality will be presenting to you. The premise is very simple: 1. You take exactly twelve 12" records. 2. You mix 'em live (no edits) from vinyl and press record. 3. You take a photo of the covers in the order in which they were mixed, just like in the cover above and our design maestro Superix makes it look just perfect. 4. You share it with the world. As you can see from the first edition mixed by my damn self, I took a very random approach to things and just pulled out 12 old hip-hop records that I simply like…no particular rhyme or reason. However, for future editions, the mixes may be themed or not even hip-hop at all – disco, soul, pop, RnB or whatever. We already have other great DJs lining up their mixes and who knows what they will bring. But for now, enjoy the first in the series of 'Twelve 12"s' For tracklisting and running order – see cover. DOWNLOAD IT HERE