After a short break for Christmas, the ‘Twelve 12s’ series is back once again for the sixteenth instalment and this time it's an extra special one – courtesy of our very own Superix! Now you all know about Superix and his love for all things hip-hop past and present, and the fact that few can put a mix together like this man. However, what you may not know is that (like me) one of his all-time favourite eras in rap was the late 80s early 90s…particularly in the U.K. Assembled here in beautiful mix order are some of the gems that defined the time on these shores and have remained some of our most treasured records to this day. A time when Hijack were everything, the London Posse seemed to redefine U.K. hip-hop with every release and Caveman sounded like our very own Pete and CL almost before they did. Not to mention uptempo monsters from the likes of DJ Mink and MC Mell O and my own personal faves The Demon Boyz. There was just too much good music from this time, so Part 2 has surely got to come (…in fact I'm a get on that right now!), however in the meantime – just hit download, get your running man on and enjoy 12 stone cold classic 12"s. In case you missed the first fifteen instalments from myself (Rob), Superix, James Lebens, DJ Ayres, DJ Dub, DJ Hudson, Matt Evans, Spin Doctor, Matthew Africa, Cosmo Baker, DJ Eleven, Big Jacks, Drew Huge, Donsta & J-Squared – you can still catch them here and watch out for another ‘Twelve 12s coming very soon… For tracklisting and running order – see the cover DOWNLOAD IT HERE