We’ve been passionately following the steady rise of Ty Dolla $ign since way back in 2009, when you were likely to catch the artist then predominantly known as Ty$ alongside playa partnas YG and Bobby Brackins.

When last year’s Beach House hit though, it marked a huge step up in both songwriting and production, largely handled by Ty’s own in-house production team D.R.U.G.$., which he himself is also a part of.

The sequel, amazingly and yet unsurprisingly, is a worthy one. The beats are somehow airier, bassier and more expansive – improving on the three tenets that made BH1 the classic it is. And none of the many impressive features take away from the fact that this is Ty Dolla $ign’s project. He’s unfailingly the highlight across a project that’s just full of highlights.

We couldn’t recommend this any more highly.