I can’t think of a better way to round out the decade than with some studio video footage from the man who made my two favourite albums of the decade (freal). Terius announced on his Twitter page yesterday that he was gonna head to the studio armed with camera etc. and in 24 hours would have something fresh for his fans and followers, saying “calling the cameras in and my engineer to my home and i will write a record and record it non stop as a contribution to you guys”. Sounded good to us, so we followed the rest of his train of thought and explanations regarding the track, a favourite of which was “its Deff SAM Cooke so if yall don’t know what that is please dont compare it to the radio shit i write! it took 36:06 to sing and write…..” and in further clarification, “this is just a song not to be pushed or promoted! this is me every day everytime yall play if you can just imagine not being able to do this when i want the industry is dying please save the music”. Plus, just in case you were wondering…“The Dream “CRY” is un-produced all music and lyrics are by me and please dont attach any producers to the record out of respect for them”.

We’re not complaining either way, as just within the self-imposed 24 hour deadline – we had a brand new Dream track ‘Cry’ HERE and over half an hour of the man at work. If that’s still not enough though and you haven’t yet downlaoded my homage to The Dream – ‘The Dream Featuring…The Dream’ – well, here it is again below:




Happy New Year Y’all and look out for our wishes/predictions for ’10 coming later today…