For those not au fait with grime*, the UK’s own street music (if UK hip-hop is more akin to shit from Detroit now and New York in the mid-late 90s then this is some kind of hyphy/dancehall/jerkin hybrid – dope right?), Wiley is one of the originators of the genre, and to most fans its undisputed crowned king (*for those that are au fait with grime I realise it’s like we’re introducing a man named “Biggie Smalls” to you right now but fuck it we’ve got to spread the word). Check this new track from his latest album Race Against Time. And then make sure you check out the few videos below as each of them are equally phenomenal! Enjoy!

Wiley – ‘Off The Radar’
[audio:off_the_radar.mp3|titles=Off The Radar|artists=Wiley]

Ok, so as you may have gathered from him being name-checked on NORE’s ‘Superthug’, rap radio disc jock Tim Westwood is kind of a big deal in the UK. And as I’m sure many of you will have grown up with BET’s Rap City’s many incarnations, you’ll surely appreciate the rawness evoked from these couple of insane freeflowing sessions on the videos from his radio show – a must-check for anyone interested in grime, and also the best showcase of Marshall’s talents that we’ve seen in years.

Here’s Wiley in his typically breathless staccato glory. Epic be the word.

Now this first dude on here is pretty unfuckwitable as well, not sure of his name but fuck a detail and just follow this dude’s flow!

Personally, I’d skip the intro skit nonsense and get to one of the rawest videos to come out of the UK in years. This is from a guy called Tempa T aka Tempz. It’s called ‘Next Hype’ and it bangs.