As we impatiently await the new reshot and MTV-ready Colin Tilley video for Roberto Cabobby’s hecka infectious Skinny Jeans, here are two equally infectious remixes by Chubby Fingers. As I’ve said many times before to anyone that will listen, this track needs to blow up.

Young Bob – ‘Skinny Jeans (Chubby Fingers Remix)’
[audio:Bobby Brackins – Skinny Jeans (Chubby Fingers Remix)|titles=Skinny Jeans (Chubby Fingers Remix)’|artists=Young Bob]

Young Bob – ‘Skinny Jeans (Chubby Fingers BQ Remix)’
[audio:Skinny Jeans (Chubby Fingers BQ Remix)|titles=Skinny Jeans (Chubby Fingers BQ Remix)|artists=Young Bob]