Most of the rap we love either sends shivers up or tingles down our spine, makes us want to run into a wall or bus shelter window, or just get buck at a club, in a car or on public transport. With his new project, released in conjunction with The Fader and featuring Imogen Heap samples throughout, Young L has stepped it up a notch. We're talking lumps in throats here. L manages to find the most emotional part of a vocal and magnify it before underlaying the track with his own future sounds and melodies and then running his gruff monotone through it to anchor it down. And much like fellow Bay Arean Droop-E's BLVCK Diamond Life project, 'As I Float: The Great John Nash' mixtape is a cohesive, nothing-short-of-perfect body of work that will be as much a part of our lives as any widely accepted classic hip-hop (or otherwise) album. 

Download: Young L – 'As I Float: The Great John Nash (Mixtape)'

Via The Fader.