It can’t be a coincidence, surely, that only a few hours before laying ears on Young L’s latest project – named after a Japanese TV station’s mascot he’s had diamond-encrusted – we were listening to Dizzee’s I Luv U thinking both how intensely dope, fresh and ahead of its time it still sounds and how much it sounds exactly like L’s gorgeously abrasive based bass bangers. You can imagine our delight then when we heard the opening sample on mixtape opener ‘Loud Pockets’, which strongly hinted that it was going to flip that same Dizzee hook, but then opened up into something completely different, but completely and totally mindblowing. And that’s the feeling you’ll experience across the 16 and a bit tracks, L’s intergalactic, militantly bass-lead hip-hop just blowing your mind while his raps stay swagged the fuck out to the power of a hundred thousand trillion. We shit you not, this is that good. Enjoy.

Download: Young L – ‘Domo-Kun (The Mixtape)’