There are so many great and innovative things about Young L's latest boundary-pushing project 'Enigma Theory', but we're so stuck on track one that's pretty much all we want to talk about. The song 'Automated Oceans' samples legendary UK label (and Southern Hospitality extended family) Heavenly Recordings' artist Sea Of Bees so powerfully it warrants a featuring credit. And testament to L's prowess as a sample flipperer, the song captures the essence of Julie Ann Bee's (Sea Of Bees) uniquely haunting soul. It's just beautiful. 

'Enigma Theory' is so much more than that one song though. This is L's most mature and revealing project to date and it hints heavily at his desire to move away from the super futuristic lasers and bass of pre-As I Float: The Great John Nash works and become a more rounded, revealing artist. It more than works. Every time.

In Young L we have an individual who in a blur of pink and turquoise Pink Dolphin motifs is one of the most intriguing rappers on the planet. And the story is unfolding one perfectly conceived self-released project at a time.

Download: Young L – 'Enigma Theory' (Mixtape)

Bonus video: L is a generous genius in case you didn't know. So as well as a brand new mixtape we get a fresh video, directed by the hella LGNDary Chris Simmons, who just might be taking over his cousin Aris Jerome's title of most prolific Bay Area director. Enjoy.