The amount of great new music we’re being treated to recently is insane. More crucially, the amount of great new music we’re being treated to from our homies in Huntsville Alabama is just pure madness! Hot off the heels of DB49’s ‘Happy Hour’ album, the other half of ‘the one’ that is G-Side, Yung Clova has dropped a tape so ill, I had to literally stop everything I was doing last night just so I could fully take this in. From the moment the opening cut ‘Tailor Made’ drops, produced by Clova himself, you know you’re in for something special and the next hour is a true journey into otherworldly street music. Of course, as anyone who owns ‘Sumthin 2 Hate’, ‘Starshipz and Rocketz’, or ‘Huntsville International’ , will know, Yung Clova is one of the most sincere, memorable and dopest lyricists around. However, what this release does is showcase his equally incredible talent as a producer, with records like ‘Hi-Fi’ and ‘Wait A Minute’ essential new additions to the canon of great modern ‘Bama music. Not to mention how diverse Clova’s beats are, flipping a 50 sample to hella dope effect on ‘Like That’, and making the horns blow on ‘It’s Goin Down’. Truly impressive stuff. We gotta also say that DJ Jude Boi does an awesome job at putting this together too, enhancing the music with his subtle skills, making this one of the mixtapes of the year freal.

Yung Clova – ‘The Koolest Kid’ (Hosted By DJ Jude Boi)