Positioning himself resolutely at the front of the Huntsville hip-hop scene, the artist formerly known as Swagzilla has, with the help of his OThird Ent family, produced one of the strongest releases from Alabama in the last few years.

From tracks like the infectiously playful Blood anthem ‘What You Doin’, the Monster and Junebug-featuring ‘Bitch Dawg’ and the scintillating ‘Cheese’, which features G-Side’s Yung Clova and cuts through the atmosphere like a particularly pungent stock of Époisses, ‘Zilla Shit’ is exactly what you’d imagine the soul of North Huntsville sounds like. Factor in the gigantic ST-hooked anthem ‘I’m Goin’ and brilliant ‘Time To Move’, a painfully short snippet from Zilla’s upcoming album ‘Life As I Know It’, and pretty much every point is a high one.

Now available remastered via the label’s Bandcamp, we cannot recommend this project enough. And leave you with this recent video of a Rocket City classic, Zilla and Stackamil’s ‘Wut2DayIz (Remix)’. Enjoy.

Download: Zilla – ‘Zilla Shit’ (Mixtape) REMASTERED

Bonus video: