DJ Superix presents:
Ultimate, Ultimate, Ultimate!

2 CD mix with over 160 tracks!

'The Ultimate (literally) mix of everyone's favourite breaks and beats series, the legendary Street Beat "Ultimate Breaks & Beats" compilation LPs. Ultimate. There's no better word to describe the grooves and breaks that powered hip hop in its infancy and throughout its golden age. Debuting in 1986, months before the Emu SP1200 hit markets in mid-1987, the Ultimate Breaks soon became a must-have for all hip hop DJs, and it's probable that these two facts combined are the sole reasons why pre-1987 drum machine driven hip hop gave way to the use of samples and loops – this series literally shaped the history of the genre. In fact the Ultimate Breaks series were compiled as a way to gather all the hip hop DJ's battle tracks into a one-stop-shop when hip hop still meant MCs were a compliment to the real attraction, the DJ. It's the art of the DJ that Superix pays homage to here with a mix that clocks in at an impressive 160 separate records spread over two CDs. Extremely listenable, and a lot of good fun, this mix is unique.'

‘Crikey...’ DJ Yoda
Hip Hop Connection 2008

‘...The best mix of it’s kind, ever!’
Fatlace Magazine 2008

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